Commonwealth Care Alliance

Commonwealth Care Alliance

Contact Information

Main Contact: Dr. Kamau Karanja


Phone Number: (617) 426-0600 x2054


Address: 30 Winter Pl 12th floor, Boston, MA 02108

Our Mission

Commonwealth Care Alliance aims to provide care to patients with complex needs and disabilities in Massachusetts using an innovative patient-centered model that is cost effective and high quality. In addition to being a health insurance organization, they have their own clinic that uses consumer-centered care to primarily care for people with physical disabilities.

They focus on using primary care as a focus while accommodating for patient needs in ways such as coordinating at-home visits and matching patients with health professionals as care partners. Some of the services they offer beyond addressing direct medical needs are facilitating independent health practices for patients (personal care support, food support, etc.) and prioritizing the holistic care of both the patients and their care teams. HMS students can choose to do an elective at this site.

Individual volunteering opportunities may be coordinated by contacting the organization.