Contact Information

Main Contact: Roseann Bongiovanni


Phone Number: office – (617) 466-3076


Address: 227 Marginal St. Suite 1, Chelsea, MA 02150

Our Mission

GreenRoots works to achieve environmental justice and greater quality of life through collective action, education, and youth leadership in Chelsea, MA and across neighborhoods and communities.

GreenRoots achieves its goals of empowering residents through community organizing and community-wide meetings, influencing public policy by drafting and advocating for policy changes, and implementing projects that advance the mission of achieving environmental justice, waterfront access, improved air and water quality, creating and maintaining greater open green space, among other goals.

Medical students could attend the monthly GreenRoots meetings or their many community events (check website and Facebook page for details). There may also be opportunities to participate in environmental or public health related research projects.