Haley House Bakery and Café

Haley House Bakery and Café

Contact Information

Main Contact: Bing Broderick, Executive Director

Email: bakery@haleyhouse.org

Phone Number: (617) 822-3941

Website: https://haleyhouse.org/hhbc/

Address: 12 Dade St, Roxbury, MA 02119

Our Mission

The Mission of Haley House is to create an environment for everyone incorporating life training, cultural expression, economic independence, food with a purpose, affordable housing, and a place for community engagement and the arts to affirm the dignity of victims of inequality and help them more fully participate in society. As a nonprofit, the Haley House provides fair wages to workers undergoing job training and placement assistance.

The café also offers catering across the community and wholesale services that fund all of the house’s programs. These include: 1) a program to teach middle school children how to cook and gain cultural understanding through food, 2) “pay what you can” community tables that offer food to the broader community, and 3) art displays and cultural events like movie nights and poetry slams.

The house has volunteer openings in its soup kitchen, and there may even be options for medical students to provide basic medical services and/or health coaching to community members and school kids at the house.