Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center

Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center

Contact Information

Main Contact: Tom Kieffer (Executive Director) and Abigail Ortiz (Health Promotion Center Coordinator)


Phone Number: (617) 983-4294 (Office of Health Promotion Center Coordinator)


Address: 640 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Our Mission

Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center (SJPHC) provides healthcare to South Jamaica Plains’ residents. Additionally, SJPHC connects residents to resources that promote general preventative care and well-being.
SJPHC has a primary care clinic that sees 13,000 patients/year (9,000 adults/4,000 children). They also provide language services (serving a primarily Spanish-speaking community), dance classes, yoga classes, youth cooking classes, QTPOC support groups, a youth-centric Racial Reconciliation and Healing Project, and other community wellness services.

SJPHC aims to address social determinants of health from an early age, so that they can provide care and attention to the ways in which systems like white supremacy traditionally disadvantage marginalized communities. SJPHC also offers the services of community health social workers, who address issues like housing and food insecurity.

SJPHC is currently looking for volunteers. For example, you can help cook meals, put together fresh produce bags, lead Zumba classes, etc. They could also use people who have development skills (fundraising, grant-writing, etc). Please reach out to get involved! The organization is comprised of people who really believe in their mission and go out of their way to help the residents of the community.